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  Delicious Fast Food - Protaras Avenue

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elena Delicious Fast Food - Protaras Avenue

Type of establishment: Fast Food (and delicious it is).
Owner: Gerolemou & Fesa. Open since: 1993
Specialties: Donner kebab, burgers, sandwiches.
Opening hours: 11:00 - 06:00. Price range: Very reasonable
Address: Opposite Constantinos the Great and Odessa hotels. Tel: 23-831-068

You have just finished your swim in Protaras and you feel really hungry but you can't be bothered to drive or sit down at a restaurant, order food and wait etc. etc. You want something fast, delicious and relatively healthy of course, not to mention reasonably priced... On the other hand it is really late after a good night at one of the pubs and your stomach is asking for some solids rather than liquids.

Delicious Fast Food is best known for its donner kebab - known as GYROS in Greek - meaning going round (remember gyroscope) because of the way it gets cooked - you can get it in beef or chicken. Both are great. Usually served in a pitta (two types) with all its extras - salad, tzatziki, onions even chips. Also try the typical cyprus sandwiches with lountza and halloumi. The menu also includes burgers, fish and chips and chicken cooked in various forms. Last but not least, I have to mention the ice-cream: It is Papaphilippou, a local brand made from the best ingredients (no, I am not a shareholder) and all fruits used are fresh and not frozen. If you are a strawberry fan, this is the best strawberry ice cream in the world. If you like nuts, go for the pistachio.

You will most likely be served by one of three lovely ladies; Loukia, Natasa or Elena. Njoy!

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